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Who is SimpleRisk?

SimpleRisk is a fully integrated GRC platform that can be used for all of your Governance, Risk Management and Compliance needs.


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Why we partner with UCF and CCH

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It boasts functionality that is comprehensive enough to be utilized by some of the largest organizations on the planet while presenting a user interface that is so simple and intuitive it can be used by the least technical people in your organization. Over the past several years, SimpleRisk has become the gold standard for the simplest, most effective, and affordable risk management tool on the market. Our award-winning enterprise risk management solution was designed specifically for security professionals burdened by the cumbersome, time consuming, manual process of using spreadsheets and documents to perform risk management.


At SimpleRisk, we have always been about making a customer’s GRC experience as simple and intuitive as possible. While our platform is designed to enforce those principles, customers often struggle with where to start on the content. This challenge is solved through a direct integration between the Unified Compliance Framework and SimpleRisk. With a few clicks of a mouse, customers can select their desired frameworks in the Common Controls Hub and immediately have that content available to them in SimpleRisk.


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Who we serve

SimpleRisk has been downloaded over 30,000 times. We support 33 different languages. We have customers who are startups with less than a dozen employees all the way up to multi-national corporations with tens of thousands of employees and billions of dollars of revenue. We have customers on every continent except Antarctica (If you’re based in Antarctica, let’s talk!


SimpleRisk has customers in just about any vertical that you can imagine including healthcare, aerospace, education, government, energy, technology, manufacturing, non-profits and construction



SimpleRisk Featured Products

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With a wealth of risk management functionality already in place, in early 2018, SimpleRisk turned its attention to governance and compliance, as there were some major pieces of the GRC toolset that were missing. By adding governance and compliance to the risk management component and extending these capabilities substantially over the past 2-3 years, SimpleRisk has rapidly become the industry’s first GRC solution to combine simplicity and effectiveness, with affordability.


Combining simplicity, visibility, and clarity, SimpleRisk GRC enables organizations to focus on the end game – tracking and monitoring the elements of governance, risk, and compliance to effectively carry out mitigation efforts.


SimpleRisk Product Key Features

check-icon Deploy Rapidly: From “Zero to GRC” in a matter of minutes – no professional services required.
check-icon Customizable: Configure SimpleRisk to match your internal processes and workflows to maximize efficiencies.
check-icon Dynamic Reporting: Filter data to produce custom reports geared to C Level, Technical, or Business stakeholders.
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Pricing and Deployment Models

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Put Unified Compliance to work for you

The Unified Compliance suite of products saves compliance professionals time and reduces manual labor.